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Getting the most out of your 1300 number

Jul 01, 2020

Businessman diverting 1300 number to his mobile hailing a cab

Getting a 1300 number is a fantastic way to elevate your business and ultimately increase sales and profits.

Getting a 1300 number is a fantastic way to elevate your business and ultimately increase sales and profits. While simply advertising a 1300 number is oftentimes enough to make a positive impact, it would be a mistake not to avail yourself of the many opportunities and benefits that come along with owning a 1300 number. Below are just a few of them.

Develop an efficient routing system

Few businesses can afford to waste opportunities to gain new customers or make more sales. This is particularly true of small businesses. With that in mind, it should go without saying that you ought to take the time to configure a smart, efficient routing system for your 1300 number. Routing calls to a single line is not enough. With a 1300 number, you have the ability to route calls to any number of lines throughout the country.

If you’re working alone, be sure to route your calls to your mobile device when you’re traveling or out of the office. If you have employees, route calls to a number of different lines so that someone is always available to answer the phone and speak with customers. With a 1300 number, there is no excuse for letting calls go unanswered during business hours.

Make use of your call data

One of the best things about 1300 numbers is the fact that they automatically assemble call data so that you can analyze it and make critical decisions based on that analysis. Using data collected by your 1300 number system, you can determine where your calls are coming from and when. This will help you to better understand your customer base, establish peak business hours, and compare current call data to data from the past. Armed with this information, you will be better equipped to steer your business in a more lucrative direction.

Coordinate your contact points

Businesses purchase 1300 numbers for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest of all is the increased visibility and recognition 1300 numbers provide. When you advertise with a 1300 number, especially a smart number, a lot of people are going to take notice, whether they realize it or not. In many cases, a company’s number is almost as important as its name. That’s why you should integrate the two and make your 1300 number a consistent and prominent aspect of your advertising.

One way to do so is by incorporating your 1300 number into your website domain. Again, this is particularly useful if you have a smart number. Let’s say your number is 1300 LAPTOP. Why not use the domain That way, every time a customer visits your website, he or she is directly exposed to your phone number as well as your product. It’s a win-win situation.

A 1300 number is a wonderful resource with plenty of features. Try to bring all of them into play for your business.