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1300 Business Saver

1300 number plans with included call value for growing businesses

Take control of your bill with our 1300 Business Saver included call plans. These 1300 number plans come with a range of great features at no additional cost.

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Calculating business 1300 number call costs value
Our plans include landline and mobile call minutes
No minimum term contracts, and no cancellation fees

Choose your 1300 number plan

No contracts, no hidden fees, and included call value. Port your existing business 1300 number onto our included value business saver plans.

Business Saver

  • 1,500 mins to landline
  • or
  • 500 mins to mobile
  • or
  • Any blend of equivalent minutes

  • Excess minutes
    8.5c to landline & 16.5c to mobile
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Business Saver Plus

  • 3,000 mins to landline
  • or
  • 1,000 mins to mobile
  • or
  • Any blend of equivalent minutes

  • Excess minutes
    8c to landline & 16c to mobile
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How do these 1300 number plans work?

What happens if I exceed the included minutes?

If you use more minutes than the included time in a calendar month, additional 1300 calls are charged at great value rates.

Business Saver:
8.5c / 16.5c per min

Business Saver Plus:
8c / 16c per min

How are call costs calculated?

Calls answered on a landline:
1 minute of talk time consumes 1 minute from the included minutes.

Calls answered on a mobile:
1 minute of talk time consumes 3 minutes from the included minutes.

Minutes are counted in order from the first call received in a month and are calculated to the nearest second.

How does the included call time work?

Each plan has an allocation of included minutes.

You can receive calls at no additional charge, up to the limit of call time (minutes) included with each plan.

Included call time is calculated differently for calls answered on a landline vs mobile phone.

Can I get credit for unused minutes?

During the first 2 billing periods, if your chosen plan is not the best match for your actual minutes, you can change the plan.

And, if your usage is a better match for another plan, we may credit or refund the difference in plan costs (not including any additional call charges).

1300 number call forwarding options

Your new business 1300 number comes with a host of call forwarding (routing) options included in the cost of your plan, so you can set up your 1300 number to suit your specific business needs.

Divert to multiple phones


Date based routing

Caller blocking

Time based routing

Set your time zone

Questions? We're here to help!

Start a chat with us if you can't find the answer here.

Are there any hidden fees?

There is a $20 once-off setup fee.

We never charge for:
Routing changes, switching features on or off, or cancellations.

Am I eligible for this service?

This service is available to Australian businesses.

Is this a VoIP/SIP service?

No, this is an Australian carrier service.

We maintain connections to multiple Tier-1 carriers to ensure the highest quality and uptime.

What's the call quality like?

It's excellent! We won't bounce your calls all over Australia (or the world) just to get a slightly cheaper call rate.

Want to test it out? Call us and hear for yourself.