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1300 Smart Numbers

Search for a 1300 or 1800 Smartnumber

Buy your 1300 Smartnumber and connect it to our 1300 plans for new users, with $0 call rates and no contracts. Divert to mobile or landline for no additional charge.

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One time price
Starter Plan
$40 / month
No Contracts
You own the number

How 1300 Smart Numbers work

Search for your number

Search for the perfect 1300 or 1800 phone number for your business. Smartnumbers spell words or have repeating digits.

Buy 1300 Smartnumber

Smartnumbers have an additional one-time purchase price which is based on the quality of the number. Prices start at $400.

Connect to a plan

Your 1300 Smartnumber needs to be connected to a plan to receive calls. Smart Numbers take 1 business day to activate.

Smartnumbers vs 1300 numbers

So what's the difference between standard 1300 / 1800 numbers and Smart Numbers?

Purchase price
Available numbers
Free to purchase
Included in plan cost
Smaller database from individual suppliers
Tens of thousands of available numbers
You own the number
Full suite of features and functionality
Prices starting from $400
Number quality determined by ACMA
The largest govt database of numbers
Over 2 million options
You own the number
Full suite of features and functionality

Choose your 1300 Smartnumber plan

No contracts, no hidden fees, and $0 call rates.

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Perfect for individuals
  • $0 call rates
  • No contracts
  • You own the number
  • $20 setup fee
  • Premium features
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Starter Plus
With upgraded features
  • $0 call rates
  • No contracts
  • You own the number
  • $20 setup fee
  • Ultimate features
  • Call recording
  • Voice menu (IVR)
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Loads of 1300 number features

1300 phone numbers, including 1300 Smartnumbers, have a wide range of available features to manage your business 1300 call flow easier.

Voicemail to Email
Receive voicemail messages directly in your inbox
Call Whisper
A pre-recorded messages prompts you that this is a 1300 / 1800 call
Play a pre-recorded audio to all callers (e.g. "Welcome to my business")
Missed Call Alert
Get a notification when you miss a call
Time-based Routing
Configure your opening hours, and add different number for shifts
Out of Hours
Send calls somewhere else when you're closed, such as to a voicemail
Blocked Numbers
Block calls from numbers you don't want to answer
Date Exception
Create special rules for certain dates (like public holidays)