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1300 Starter Plus Plan

Includes IVR menu and recording

If you need to record your incoming calls or give users a menu at the start of the call, our 1300 Starter Plus plan is for you.

One simple business 1300 monthly plan price for new users, with no additional costs for calls or included features.

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Two people taking calls on a business 1300 number with IVR
Calls diverted to landline or mobile at no additional cost.
No minimum term contracts, and no cancellation fees.

Buy your new 1300 number

No contracts, no hidden fees, and $0 call rates.

Starter Plus
With upgraded features
  • $0 call rates
  • No contracts
  • You own the number
  • $20 setup fee
  • Starter Plus features
  • Call recording
  • Voice menu (IVR)
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How do 1300 numbers work?

A 1300 number is a 10 digit virtual phone number that forwards calls to your existing business landlines or mobile phones.

1300 numbers have lots of powerful features to help you better manage your business phone service and incoming calls.

1300 numbers are inbound-only. You cannot make a call from a 1300 number, you use your landline or mobile as usual.

Some callers will pay a small fee to ring a 1300 number, as determined by their phone provider. The fee is usually 20-25c per call.

We keep things simple

With no lock-in contracts, it's a simple choice. There's also no fees to switch plans or activate your features.

Divert to mobile

Divert to landline

No contracts

Own the number

1300 number call forwarding options

Your new business 1300 number comes with a host of call forwarding (routing) options included in the cost of your plan, so you can set up your 1300 number to suit your specific business needs.

Divert to multiple phones


Date-based routing

Caller blocking

Time-based routing

Set your time zone

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What are the call rates?

$0 to Australian mobile or fixed line.

You can choose the plan with features that suit your business.

Do I own my 1300 number?

Yes. As long as you have an active plan, you own the number. You can take your 1800 number to another provider at any time.

Any hidden fees?

There is a $20 once-off setup fee.

We never charge for routing changes, switching features on or off, cancellations, or call rates.

Is this a VoIP/SIP service?

No, this is an Australian carrier service.

We maintain connections to multiple Tier-1 carriers to ensure the highest quality and uptime.

Am I eligible for this service?

Anyone activating a new 1300 number for the first time is usually eligible to sign up to this plan.

Customers porting a service from another provider are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

What's the call quality like?

It's excellent! We won't bounce your calls all over Australia (or the world) just to get a slightly cheaper call rate.

Want to test it out? Call us and hear for yourself.

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