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1300 numbers for startups

Jan 01, 2020

Group of young people on laptops working at a small startup business with a 1300 number

People are attempting to start their own businesses now more than ever before. Given the enormous amount of competition in all markets, the first goal is to set your company apart from the competition and establish a reputation. Here’s how a 1300 number will do that for your startup.

People are attempting to start their own businesses now more than ever before. Self-employment is an attractive lifestyle, especially now that you no longer need a storefront to run a successful and lucrative business - you don’t even have to be based in one location! If you have the skills, motivation and an internet connection (not to mention a little money), you’re just a few short steps away from realising your dream.

But while starting a business may be easier than ever, maintaining one is just as hard as it was at any other time. In fact, it’s probably harder given the enormous amount of competition that exists now - in all markets. So the first thing you have to do is set your company apart from the competition and establish a reputation.

There are many ways of doing so - a simple one is to get a 1300 number.

In the old days, when brick-and-mortar businesses were the spine of the economy, having a local phone number for your business was logical. After all, your customers lived in the neighborhood. But now, unless you’re opening a used book store or a shoe repair shop, your customer base is likely to be spread around the whole country, if not the world. Advertising your business with a local landline or mobile phone number will therefore put you at a disadvantage.

1300 numbers vs local phone numbers

First, potential customers may see the number and assume you only do business locally, when, in fact, that is almost certainly not going to be the case.

1300 numbers make you appear larger that you might be

Second, a local number communicates to people that you’re running a small fledgling company with little experience. They are then liable to look elsewhere.

You can solve both of these problems by getting a business 1300 number, which boosts your legitimacy in the eyes of potential customers. It will also enhance the scope of your business, drawing in clients from all over.

1300 number call forwarding options

With a 1300 number, you will have the ability to route calls to the appropriate phone line depending on where you happen to be and what you happen to be doing. You can also set up several lines on the same number, so that different people receive calls at different times. And, of course, a 1300 number allows you to set up an automated greeting message that customers hear after dialling, as well as a voicemail for non-business hours.

Because they are virtual, 1300 numbers give you the freedom to move around without disrupting your business operations. Whether you’re traveling or moving to another area of the country, your 1300 number has you covered. All you have to do is route your calls to a mobile device while you’re on the road.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a 1300 number today and position yourself ahead of the competition.